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This podcast is all about how leaders, organizations, and companies can improve their leadership and practices that lead to organizational success. As an Executive Coach, Dr. Kevin Sansberry has coached and mentored individuals, teams and organizations for over a decade and brings his wealth of experience and research focused on toxic leadership, coping and organizational culture. The Toxic Leadership podcast shares with listeners practical resources so that they too can begin to detoxify themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Lastly, we interview key leaders and experts as they share their insights regarding how to detoxify organizations — to improve retention, increase productivity and bottom line profitability.

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TOXIC LEADERSHIP: Tales of Transformation

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7 Deadly Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in Leadership

Meet Your Host – Dr. Kev

As Featured in Ted X, YouTube & More…

Dr. Kevin Sansberry II is a behavioral scientist and executive coach with expertise in toxic leadership, human capital strategy, and creating inclusive cultures of belonging to enhance organization performance.

Over the years, Kevin has focused on providing research-informed solutions in various settings such as higher education, nonprofit, sales, and corporate environments.

Kevin is a certified consultant through Myers Briggs Foundation, the Center for Conflict Dynamics as a certified workplace mediator and certified executive life coach through The Raynor Institute.

Kevin completed his doctorate in business administration from The University of Missouri-St. Louis studying the impact of abusive supervision on the organizational culture/climate, and employee coping behaviors. Kevin received his MBA from The University of Missouri-Kansas City with an emphasis in leadership & change in human systems and general management. Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and business administration from the University of Central Missouri.

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OMG yes to this show! What a perfect time in my life for me to come across a podcast like this! In 2020, I left an extremely toxic job due to the leadership. Not only did this show solidify my decision to do so but also gives me hope that you can work in an enviorment with good leaders who value your work. Plus, Dr. Kevin is an awesome host! Thank you so much for putting this who out there, I love it and cant wait for more episodes!


This podcast is extremely engaging and entertaining while also providing the listener with great stories and tips about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

emma madison

I met Dr. Kevin in person 5 or 6 years ago. He epitomizes integrity, character, and worth implementing. This podcast is no exception. Simply amazing!


Dr. Kevin is a great interviewer and a dynamic leader himself. His interviews are packed with tons of actionable ideas and content from some great thought leaders. Five stars!


Dr. Kevin sansberry stands head and shoulders above most interviews out there. He's thoughtful, intelligent and passionate about deep transformation. You feel like you've just finished a conversation with a dear friend when you're done. One of the best interviews I've ever had.

Susan Lindao

Dr. Kevin sansberry is the real deal. He is an authentic, genuine, grounded, keenly talented global leader and his podcast. Leaders of Transformation reflects this thoroughly. This podcast gives you the opportunity to listen in and learn from a cherry picked creme de la creme selection of global leaders truly on the cutting edge of what is going to take our global cultural to the next level. Be sure to listen in and you'll walk away wiser than when you started.

Darrell Jerome

This is one of my favorite podcasts and has given me so much insight on how to be an intentional and impactful entrepreneur. I've gotten the chance to meet up with Dr. Kevin while he was traveling through Colorado on a road trip. He so kindly connected me with other people who are working within a similar field and gave me some great advice. It is clear that he genuinely cares about his viewers, community and work that he is doing. Thanks Dr. Kevin sansberry!


Dr. Kevin is an excellent host and creates inspiring interviews with his guests. I highly encourage you to listen to one interview… you'll be hooked.

Christopher Jose

Being interviewed by Dr. Kevin is like having a conversation with a really good friend. Such a positive, wonderful experience. He is gifted interviewer. I really enjoyed our interaction and connection.

Michael Ethan

Dr. Kevin is a great interviewer and a dynamic leader himself. His interviews are packed with tons of actionable ideas and content from some great thought leaders. Five stars!

James Mark

Dr. Kevin sansberry is a awesome guy! His insight on leadership is amazing.

Richard Jeffrey

Between the teachings and interviews I've never second guessed if any episode was massively worth the time invested. Thanks for all you do Dr. Kevin.

Karen & Susan

As a believer, who happens to be a leader and employee at Google, these podcasts truly assist in shaping my cognitive thinking. I'm thankful for this platform.

Richa Thomas

Being in a leadership role is more stressful and difficult than most give it credit for. This show offers a ton of thoughts and ideas that make it a bit easier. Thanks for helping us gain the tools we need to succeed further. Great job!

Passion Board Shop

Eliminating toxic environments is so important in business. I love hearing all these stories.

Anonymous CEO

Kevin is a breath of fresh air. He can captivate an entire room with his smile and I have witnessed first hand during an HR Training Session how he kept the attention of 40 people. He is a perfect PR man!!

Valerie Bennett

I had the privilege of working with Kevin during the capstone, business strategy course in our MBA program at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Kevin is a detailed-oriented leader capable of keeping a project team on task while maintaining the flexibility to adjust as the need arises.

Markus Leonard – Hybrid Cloud Executive | Value Chain Strategy

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